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Angie Ruiz

*Consumers who correctly follow the Yes You Can! Program of proper diet and exercise and two Complete Meal Replacement shakes per day can expect to lose approximately 3 pounds per month. However, results may vary depending on a variety of individual factors.

She sought refuge in food when she moved to the U.S

My name is Angie Ruiz, I'm 26 years old, I'm Mexican, and I live in Corpus Christi, Texas. When I think about my life in Mexico, I remember the cute flashy colored dresses that my friends used to wear. I loved them; I could spend hours going with my friends to the shops and helping them to choose the one that best fit them. Contradictorily, I didn’t wear dresses. I had always been chubby, and every dress I tried on reminded me that I was not at my proper weight. When I grew up, I moved to the US. Between the changes and the loneliness, I became dependent on chocolate and I went from being chubby to being 180 pounds! I would pretend I didn’t care, that I was comfortable. But deep down I was destroyed. I no longer enjoyed walks with my husband; I felt bad, I preferred to hide. I tried many diets: tuna, juices, pineapple, etc. None worked for me! The day I felt on the edge of the abyss without knowing what to do, YES YOU CAN appeared as if fallen from the sky. Today I have dropped 31 pounds, and I am HAPPY because I can wear a dress for the first time! I see myself, and I feel like the woman I always dreamed I could be! I continue to enjoy chocolate in a healthy and delicious way with my Chocolate Meal Replacement! I can’t imagine my life without you...THANK YOU YES YOU CAN!

Angie Ruiz used our transformation kit


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